Choice Only  International Enterprise Co., Ltd. was founded in 07 NOV. 2000  , has been playing technology development, product manufacturing core competencies, to create a line of high-quality world-class products, and from the perspective of the user to design more user-friendly series of products .

Who is Choicee

Storage has come of age, and Choice Only used to give people the freedom to truly experience the power and potential of their digital content and information. As Choice Only transforms its business, we take this opportunity to rename our brand and redesign our identity as – Choicee.

Our Story

Choicee was established in 2010. The brand concept is inspired by the spirit of freedom, peace and individualism of the 1960s. We encourage everyone to develop their creativities and dare to show themselves.

The double “e” creates a fun reading and visual experience, and reveals that we are a digital-focused company. The logo demonstrates what our products and services will be and how we interact with our customers.

Our Belief

“I am con?dent in myself. I know what suits me the best. I understand fashion, but do not follow blindly because know what is best for me. I enjoy new things and changes and don’t like things that never change. I choose things that best suit my own taste, it doesn’t have to be luxury brands, but style is critical. I always want to show my own personality, to stand out uniquely in a crowd.”

We believe that everyone is a brand. No matter who or where you are, You have the right to choose and show your style and creativity.

Thus, Choicee lives for creating uniqueness for everyone who seeks to represent their personal identity in style.

Our Personality

Dynamic: We never stop discovering what’s next. Our youth and passion are refreshing improvements for the digital world.

Pleasant: There is nothing more important than creating laughter and happiness in the world. We love to make people feel great.

Sharing: When we have new and exciting ideas, we love to invite people to share with one other via our creative platform.

Creative: We hate to be bored and stay “normal.” We welcome any new ideas.

Our Fashion Attitude : Make Your Choice!

“Make Your Choice!”It is not a slogan, but is our brand essence. It’s our philosophy for thinking and acting. It’s what we challenge people to do, so they can explore the style that they really want.

Choicee is“Digit Fashionism.”We think combining fashion with digit, we can breathe new life into the traditional fashion.

“Make Your Choice!”is our fashion attitude and lifestyle, we love to share it with everyone.

Our Mission : Make Things Different

Here we reposition ourselves and renew our brand promise to our end customers. We have focused our core philosophy on becoming a brand which is highly engaging with young people. We have made a commitment to deliver innovative, creative, stylish products to all trendsetters. Choicee establish an innovation creativity platform, to“make things different.”

Our Vision

Forever young

Dare to dream

Be actualized

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