Choicee Story

Choicee is ChoiceOnly International own brand created in 2010.

Choicee is inspired by the freedom, independent and individualism of America during the 60s.

This concept is adapted to all the Original Product that created by Choicee, Co-Bran and Choicee Boutique。

We encourage everyone to bring their creativities into full play  and dare to show their own styles, all the products under Choicee including but not limited to flash drive, storages, peripherals, leather goods, jewelry and clothing are all taking the spirit as mission


We believe that everyone is a brand. No matter who or where you are, You have the right to choose and show your style and creativity.

Thus, Choicee lives for creating uniqueness for everyone who seeks to represent their personal identity in style.


Choicee Personality


choicee brand personality